Corpus of Historical Low German

Who we are

Project team

The CHLG is the brainchild of three people:

  • Anne Breitbarth (Universiteit Gent). Anne is is a lecturer in Historical German linguistics at Ghent University and a researcher for the Flemish Science Foundation FWO based at the Universiteit Gent, and has worked on the historical syntax of both High and Low German, with a particular focus on negation and modality. Her book on the development of negation in the history of Low German, based partially on a corpus of negative clauses in Middle Low German chancery documents, will be coming out with Oxford University Press in September 2014.
  • George Walkden (University of Manchester). George is a lecturer in the Department of Linguistics & English Language at the University of Manchester. His PhD (Cambridge, 2012) was on the comparative syntax of the older Germanic languages, especially verb position and null subjects; it included a study of the clausal syntax of Old Saxon.
  • Sheila Watts (University of Cambridge). Sheila is a graduate of Dublin University who moved to Cambridge in 1998 to take up a post teaching German and Germanic linguistics. The main focus of her research to date has been on the expression of time within the verb phrase through categories like tense, aspect and Aktionsart, and she has written on verbal prefixes, on the development of the perfect, and on other phenomena linked to grammaticalization in the older Germanic languages, with a particular focus on Old Saxon.

The project team also includes the following people:

  • Melissa Farasyn (Universiteit Gent; project PhD student)
  • Liliane Haegeman (Universiteit Gent)
  • Véronique Hoste (Universiteit Gent)
  • Svetlana Petrova (Bergische Universität Wuppertal)
  • Elisabeth Witzenhausen (Universiteit Gent; project PhD student)
  • Dario Rens, Jaan Teelen and Louise Smet (Universiteit Gent; student tagging assistants)

Finally, we are extremely pleased to be collaborating with the Referenzkorpus Mittelniederdeutsch/Niederrheinisch project team, led by Ingrid Schröder (Universität Hamburg) and Robert Peters (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.