Corpus of Historical Low German

Corpus of Historical Low German (CHLG)

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HeliPaD: User's manual and annotation guide

Citation: Walkden, George. 2015. HeliPaD: the Heliand Parsed Database. Version 0.9.

You can also cite the following article: Walkden, George. 2016. The HeliPaD: a parsed corpus of Old Saxon. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 21(4): 559-571.

This manual is based on the manuals for the Penn Historical Corpora of English, to be accessed from here.

The corpus is released under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

To download the corpus, click here.


George would like to thank the following for their support and advice: Kristin Bech, Kersti Börjars, Tine Breban, Anne Breitbarth, David Denison, Tonya Kim Dewey, Aaron Ecay, Melissa Farasyn, Anthony Kroch, Caitlin Light, Svetlana Petrova, Susan Pintzuk, Ann Taylor, Joel Wallenberg, Sheila Watts, David Willis, and Richard Zimmermann. Particular thanks go to Sheila Watts who corrected the POS-tagging on the last thousand lines.