Corpus of Historical Low German


We would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their support and advice:

  • The Referenzkorpus Mittelniederdeutsch/Niederrheinisch project team
  • University of Cambridge
  • Universiteit Gent
  • University of Manchester
  • Our former research assistants: Julia Kolkmann (Manchester), James Cormack, Jamie Douglas, Helen Etheridge, Elaine Oliver, Claire Richardson, Sophie Shephard, Sadie Smith (Cambridge)
  • David Willis (University of Cambridge)
  • Luc de Grauwe and Liliane Haegeman (Universiteit Gent)
  • Joel Wallenberg (University of Newcastle)
  • Kersti Börjars (University of Manchester)
  • Christian Fischer, Norbert Nagel and Robert Peters (Universität Münster)
  • Ingrid Schröder (Universität Hamburg)
  • Susan Pintzuk and Ann Taylor (University of York)
  • All the publishers who permitted us to digitize and incorporate their material into the corpus
  • The funding bodies (Sheila Watts: Newton Trust, British Academy Small Research Grant; Anne Breitbarth: FWO post-doctoral fellowship 2012-2015 and Hercules grant 2014-2017; George Walkden: AHRC, University of Manchester)